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Grow Your Ministry

For Your Ministry Team

Servant Keeper for Various Roles in Your Church

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Servant Keeper for the Pastoral Team

See how pastors are using Servant Keeper church software to equip their teams for ministry.

Save time with Servant Keeper for your administrative and IT team.

Servant Keeper for Administrators and IT

See how administrative and IT teams are saving time every day with Servant Keeper church software.

Available Apps

Version 8 Web Apps

Powerful Web Apps

  • Add new people, edit current information in your database, and download apps from anywhere with Servant Keeper Online Office.*
  • Offer your members a way to edit their own information, and look up their giving history.*
  • Have an up-to-date, searchable online directory.*

Online Directory

The online directory (included with Servant Keeper cloud) allows members easy access to the directory either as a stand-alone site, or a feature built directly into your church’s website. This helps members to always have the most up-to-date contact information of other members, access that information from anywhere, and keep their own information updated.

Members use a password you create to access the directory, so it stays private and secure.

Do ministry anywhere with the mobile ministry app.

Mobile Ministry App

Do Ministry Anywhere!

  • Access member profiles on the go.
  • Email or call anyone in your database from your phone.
  • Pull up maps to members’ addresses for visitation.
  • Take confidential notes and share them with other members of your ministry as you choose.
  • Schedule and complete appointments and receive reminders.

Take attendance on your mobile device

Greet and Attend App

In addition to all of Servant Keeper’s other attendance features, like rosters you can build in one click, there’s the Greet and Attend App.*

  • Take attendance on the go on your mobile device.
  • Add new events and new members on the fly.
  • Attendance information goes directly to your Servant Keeper database.

Quotes From Servant Keeper Church Software Users

I have used the software for over 20 years now. I love how simple it is to learn and use. It doesn’t matter if you are a small or large church, it’s the best! The support is outstanding. Every time I had a problem, the help was courteous and friendly and knowledgeable. I love the new upgrades over the years. It is user-friendly.

Sohpie AmstaldenChurch Secretary - Victory Christian Fellowship Jewell

I used to work for another church software company (actually 2). I found this software to be very user friendly, providing us all the information needed and a very reasonable cost. (Less than half of the other software companies, I am in awe of this product.

Carol LaFaraAdministrative Assistant - Western Yearly Meeting