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Your ministry reaches outside the walls of your sanctuary, so your ability to accept the contributions that fund it needs to do the same.

Electronic giving is a wonderful tool for accepting one-time and recurring donations and tithes. But did you know it also works anywhere your congregation meets and needs to make a gift or payment, or anytime a member or visitor is inspired to give? With so few people carrying cash, let alone a checkbook, they need a convenient way to pay for the upcoming church concert, register their child for daycare or give to the youth group fundraiser. e-Giving options for mobile apps, text messages and kiosks are versatile self-service solutions that allow givers to choose a fund, enter their information and make their contribution with a credit or debit card whenever they want, wherever they are.

While your most engaged members — up to 80 percent of those who participate in two or more church activities per week — prefer electronic giving the most, these options are also a convenient way for all of your members and visitors to give outside of worship services. The right combination of options can meet them whenever and however they want to give, and help you accept contributions you might not receive through your regular offering.

Where does e-Giving fit into your church community? Consider all of the places your members and visitors could use an electronic giving option that’s there when it’s needed:

  • In your fellowship hall, when you’re collecting payments for a Wednesday night supper.
  • At your school or day care, when busy parents need to pay tuition and don’t have cash or a checkbook.
  • At your recreation center, where non-members participating in a sports program might be moved to donate to your ministry.
  • In your office, where costly special events like weddings and mission trips can be paid for with credit or debit cards.

By accepting those gifts and payments through e-Giving, you’re letting your congregation choose the giving method they prefer. And, by offering them an easy way to give for a variety of funds and programs — no matter where they are — you’ll build stronger connections within your community’s generosity and ensure contributions are keeping up with your annual budget.

Don’t worry. Offering multiple e-Giving solutions to your congregation is easy. Vanco has a complete suite of secure electronic options that are already integrated with Servant Keeper software for easy set-up and simplified reporting. When you choose Vanco, you’ll have a partner that will help you every step of the way — we’ll help you select the right combination of services and offer the support and training your staff needs.

Download Vanco’s infographic, e-Giving Options for Your Entire Church Community, for more ideas about where your church could capture donations from e-Giving options and offer your congregation ways to donate to church programs with the same convenience that they pay for other things.

Infographic: e-Giving Options Throughout Your Church

Receive donations and payments from anywhere within your church. Vanco can show you how taking a few simple steps can increase giving, and improve your contribution management church-wide. See more in Vanco’s church e-giving infographic.

e-giving options in your whole church infographic