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Guide: Servant Keeper for Your Church Members

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Manage member and volunteer profiles in your church management software. Keep information all in one place.Online Member Profiles

A place for members to view, edit and share their own information.

Servant Keeper Web App Member Profiles

Secure Access from Anywhere

Online member profiles are secure, and password protected. Members can access their profiles from anywhere on any device with just a browser and an internet connection.

  • You’re still in control and can maintain security. You decide what people can and can’t update.
  • Online member profiles are mobile friendly.
  • Let church members log in from your church website.

Self-Manage Contact Information and Directory Display

Church members will have the ability to add, edit, and update their own contact information and family and individual images online when they move, their families grow, and other information changes over time. As a result, your database and directory will stay more current, and members can more easily stay connected.

Check Pledging Status and Online Giving

Online member profiles give your church members the ability to view:

  • Personal and family giving history: both a general overview and detailed reports with graphs and charts.
  • Pledges made, and what money is needed to fulfill the pledges.

Online directory on a laptop iconOnline Directory

Make it easy for members to connect.

The online directory is included with Servant Keeper cloud for free. Church members can access the directory either as a stand-alone site you give them a link to, or as a feature you build directly into your church’s website.

online directory

Church Member Information is Secure

Church members use a password you create to access the directory so it stays private and secure.

Simple Search Feature

The built-in customizable search tool will allow your members to easily find the people they are looking for. This means even if member can’t remembers a person’s name, they can filter results to find people in their Sunday School class, who live in their own neighborhood, or who are in a small group, as a few examples.

Church Members Can Easily Contact Each Other

Church members have a great need of being able to reach each other: by phone to discuss a ministry they serve in together, or to send a card offering condolences, or to drop off a casserole to new parents. With the online directory, members can always find the most up-to-date info right on their computer, or mobile device they carry with them.

Encourage Access with Member Invites

Quickly send member invites by email encouraging members to access the directory. This is great when you’re first setting it up or after adding new members.

Can be Saved as an App

For even simpler access, members are able to save it to their mobile devices as an app, and then pull up the directory with one touch.

Track your contributions with church management softwareOnline Giving

Members have more ways to give.

Increase Giving Options

Church members and other contributors to your church can give in the way that is easiest for them:

  • Online giving for members who want to contribute through your website.
  • Text-to-give to encourage giving to special funds outside of services.
  • Kiosks for services, events, and payments for services like daycare, or renting space.

Because Servant Keeper integrates with Faithlife Giving and most other major e-Giving providers, you can easily import all your electronic contributions into your regular contribution tracking.

Use software to simplify your church events planning and attendance tracking.Events and Communications

Church members can find and join events and communications more easily

E-Mail Lists

Create emails and manage email lists in Servant Keeper. Then, allow your members to choose to which lists they would like to be added (i.e. prayer chains, home groups, etc.)

SK Events

Create and manage events in Servant Keeper. Then track attendance and do easy follow-up. Even allow your members to register online with Eventbrite, and automatically sync those back to Servant Keeper.

Quotes From Servant Keeper Users

Our church has used Servant Keeper for over 10 years. It’s an excellent program that is very user friendly and offers a plethora of features to ensure the success of your ministry. Customer Support is very pleasant and I have called a few times only to learn that the individual troubleshooting my problem is a Pastor him/herself. We are very pleased with the software and find Servant Keeper to be a worthwhile investment!

LeRoy Jones, IINew Life Pentecostal COGIC

Our old software was not accurate. We have struggled with it [the old software] for a long time. Servant Keeper is easy and accurate! We are so happy with Servant Keeper!

Suzanne SchreiberFirst United Methodist Church of Alvarado

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