Servant Keeper Mobile Ministry App

Mobile Ministry App for Servant Keeper

Do Ministry Anywhere!

The Mobile Ministry App for Servant Keeper keeps all your church members and their contact information at your fingertips so you can do ministry anywhere.  Download it now for Android or iOS.

Android app on Google Play

Field Ministry

A lot of ministry is done away from the church office.  If you are out in the field you can use the Mobile Ministry app to quickly pull up a record and do things like:

  • check the notes from your last meeting
  • be reminded of important dates like birthdays, deaths in the family, etc
  • call them or get a map and directions to their house.
  • send an email or text
  • and more!

Visitation Ministry

Pull up a record and get mapped directions to their house using your devices built in mapping software!  Also, if you are performing visitation ministry to new visitors or folks in retirement homes or hospitals, its a great benefit to be able to open their profile on the mobile ministry app and see contact information as well as any recent notes you may have entered from your last visit.  The ability to add notes to a record during a visit is especially helpful and reduces your work when you get back to the office.

Counseling Ministry

Being able to open a contact’s record on your mobile device and review your recent notes and add new notes is a great way to make the “record keeping” aspect of counseling ministry go much more smoothly.  It can also be less obtrusive to simply glance at your device and check your notes before an appointment, instead of using paper files or computer.