Setting up your online church directory

First you must create the online account for your ministry.

GO TO: to set up your online directory account.

  • Enter your cloud hosted database credentials to start the setup process. These are the credentials that were sent to your email when you signed up for the ServantPC Cloud. If you lost the email or can’t find your credentials then go to: to have your credentials sent to the email address you used when you signed up.

setup web account step 1_blank

  • Create your Servant Keeper Web Account by completing the fields in Step 2. This account will be used for managing your online directory settings and church member access.  Be sure to click “Verify” to receive an email with a verification PIN. Enter the PIN and click “check validation”.

setup web account step 2

  • Setup Complete! Your account is now established. From now on you will login using your email and the password you just set.

setup web account step 3

(note: if you already set up your directory under a previous version you will use your cloud email and your current password)

control panel login

  • Web Directory Settings  —  The Web Directory tab is where you manage your online directory settings.  You can decide which records will display in the online directory as well as what data will show.  You can get links to your directory for embedding on your church website, change the layout, and give users the option to filter by things like Sunday School class etc.

control panel 2

  • Family Editing Settings  —  The Family Editing tab is where you manage your church members ability to log into their family profile and update their information.  You have control over who can edit their information, as well as what information you wish to allow them to change.

family editing settings

  • Remember, you will need to click the enable/disable button to let members edit their information.  Once this is set to “enabled” you can either invite members to login or simply post a link to the  Family Edit Login on your website.

family editing enabled

You can invite your church families to the online Member Access tools.  This will allow them to login to their profile to update their family records.

    • Log into the Control Panel
    • Click the Family Editing Tab at the top of the screen

click family editing

  • Option 1 – Use Link: you can opt to simply use the link by either emailing it to your famlies, or posting the link on your website.  Your link is unique to your ministry/organization.

family edit login link

  • Option 2 – Send invites: you can choose to send invites to anyone you wish to have online access to their family record.  You can send invites individually or all at once.  Use the search and filter tools to find the people you wish to invite to use the online Member Access tools.

family edit invite

  • When you invite your families to login to their online profile, they will receive an email invite:

email invite

  • When they click the link in the email they will be taken through a process to create and verify a password.  Once they have completed this they will be able to login to their profile and make changes to their record.  They will login with their email and password.

family edit login screen

  • When they log-in they will first see their family profile:

family edit screen

  • When they click on a family member’s name it will launch the individual profile where they can make changes as well: