ChurchVU – video streaming for churches!

ChurchVU is the easiest hands-free video streaming solution on the market.

It’s designed specifically for houses of worship. ChurchVU provides live and on-demand streaming of your events. Viewers can tune-into your live streams (and watch on-demand broadcasts) from today’s most popular devices, including Apple (iPhone and iPad) and most Android-based devices…as well as Roku.

Video Streaming Made Easy

With ChurchVU, video streaming your live Church events – and making them available for later playback – is much easier than you may think. If you already have a webcam (or video camera), PC or Mac with high-speed Internet access, then you’re ready to stream.

We make it simple.  You can even turn your iPhone or iPad into a broadcast camera. For your Church members and viewers, live and on-demand video is available on any Internet connected device. How easy is that?

Best of all, following your FREE 14-day preview ChurchVU offers a variety of pricing options to fit your needs.