Easter services can require a lot of extra preparations, from the special music and decorations, to plans for your children’s ministry and of course preparing to share the greatest message of hope the world has ever known.

With all the extra activity, and the fact that you’re already expecting a larger than normal crowd, you may have forgotten to get the word out and invite your community to join in on this celebration of hope. Don’t worry. There’s still several basic steps you can take to reach your community at this important time of year.

Helpful Resources and Tips You Can Use Faster Than You Can Say “Easter Cantata at the Sunday Sunrise Service.”

To help, we’ve put together an Easter promotional pack of resources that you can download, print out, and share with others (or do whatever you like with it) right away!

See the link below to find:

  • Facebook images: Upload these to your church’s Facebook page. Create a Facebook event. Or share them with members of your congregation asking them to in turn share them on their personal walls with an invite to services at your church.
  • Eventbrite Header Images: Do you have an Easter cantata, maybe a gospel-packed and candy-filled children’s outreach event, an Easter morning breakfast, or any other special event coming up? Try using Eventbrite to promote it for free! Once you create the event on Eventbrite, you can start sharing a link for people to register to attend. Because Eventbrite promotes events in your city for free, your event will have extra exposure just by being on the site.
    Plus, with the Eventbrite integration built into Servant Keeper version 8, you can register people to attend these special events, see who has signed up, create a group of everyone who has registered to send follow up communications, and more all through Servant Keeper church software.
  • Postcards: You have a couple ways you can use these. Type up the important information you need for the back of the postcard, such as date, time and location, and choose one of the options below:
    • Print and quickly mail to everyone or specific segments of people in your neighborhood. Using SK Neighborhood, you can find all the families in a certain zip code with children to invite them to your children’s ministry Easter outreach, for example. Pull in the list from SK Neighborhood, create a group, and merge the names and addresses onto labels with the click of just a few buttons inside Servant Keeper.
    • Or print them out and hand them to your congregation to take and pass out to friends. Even have them write a personal message on the back instead of printing.
  • Email Headers: Place these email headers inside an email you create either inside Servant Keeper’s email writer and send out to groups of people like recent visitors, or those who attended last year’s Easter services. Or use them inside an email in MailChimp. MailChimp also allows you to quickly build emails, plus send email campaigns (a series of emails). In addition, because Servant Keeper integrates with MailChimp, you’ll be able to track this campaign, statistics like opens and clicks, and add more people to the campaign right inside Servant Keeper.

Even though it’s last minute, there’s still time to reach out to people letting them know they don’t want to miss this chance to celebrate and hear what Jesus has done for them. Pro Tip: Bring these designs into Word, Photoshop, or other editing tools to add your own church name, logo, dates and times.

Download the Last Minute Promotion Pack

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