Servant Keeper May 29th, 2024 Software Releases

We’re pushing a release of SK Desktop, version 8.3.5, on Wednesday, May  29th! Here’s what to expect!

SK Desktop 8.3.5 May 29, 2024

Features and Improvements

  • Added a new SK Communication feature allowing opt-in emails and text messages to be sent to members of your organization.
  • Added support for unposted reports to hide transactions that have returned from Online Giving.
  • Improved SK Communication to speed up the loading of large lists of sent emails.
  • Improved DPI scaling issues across several forms.
  • Improved the date picker system when using non-US date formats and setting fiscal date ranges.
  • Made minor improvements to various screen layouts.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with copying and pasting large images into an SK Communication email.
  • Fixed calculation issues with the Contribution Fund Analysis report.
  • Fixed formatting issues in the Contribution Statement Account Summary report.
  • Fixed database index issues in Sacraments data when creating a new local database.
  • Fixed an issue where a family profile could remain in the database after deleting the last person in the family.
  • Fixed various small issues with reports and statements.