Get A Church Website That Does It All With Servant Keeper + Finalweb

Want a turnkey, all-in-one website solution? Servant Keeper’s powerful church management software integrates seamlessly with Finalweb church websites!

About our partner

Meet Finalweb, Your New Church Website Solution

Finalweb makes beautiful church websites with an easy-to-use interface and a wide variety of features, including livestreaming, event registration, and more.

We’ve partnered with Finalweb to bring Servant Keeper’s powerful church management tools right into your website, turning your church website into a one-stop destination for members and visitors. 

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Why Servant Keeper + Finalweb?

It's a Fully Integrated Solution For Your Church

Bring Servant Keeper tools like your secure, password-protected church directory and easy giving portal right into your site, giving your members easy access in one location. 

You Won't Have to Start Building From Scratch

Choose one of Finalweb’s beautiful and mobile-friendly template to get started quickly, or let FinalWeb build your site!

The Intuitive Interface Makes Editing A Breeze

Skip the complicated website builders; anyone can learn to use the intuitive Finalweb site editor and make changes to your website.

Mix and Match the Features Your Church Needs

Whether you need an easy way to livestream your services or a way for participants to register for events, Finalweb makes it easy to add to your site. 

Getting started

Get started in just a few steps

01. Start with Finalweb

Sign up for a free trial and choose a template, or have Finalweb build your site for you. Using the drag-and-drop editor, you can easily add sermons, events, and any other info you'd like.

02. Connect Servant Keeper

Integrating Servant Keeper with your site is easy! You'll have the option to connect your Servant Keeper online office, member profiles, online giving, and your church directory.

03. Launch your website!

Be sure to let your members know that they can access the online directory, the giving portal, and more all in one place — your beautiful new church website!

Multiply the Impact of Your Church Website When You Combine Finalweb + Servant Keeper

Allow your members to give online through Servant Keeper, keep your members connected by integrating your online directory, and so much more. Watch the video to learn more about how Servant Keeper + Finalweb can help you streamline your ministry efforts.

Featured integration

Fully Integrated Online Giving Powered by Servant Keeper

Empower your members to easily donate to various funds, right from your website. Your giving data is automatically synced with the rest of your Servant Keeper tools!

Featured INtegration

Secure Online Church Directory Powered by Servant Keeper

Help your members connect by giving them a central place to access contact information with a secure, password-protected directory powered by Servant Keeper.

Expand Your Ministry’s Reach With Livestream

Finalweb’s livestream feature allows you to seamlessly simulcast to YouTube and Facebook in real time, so your members never have to miss a sermon. Stream straight from your laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile device (Apple or Android). 

More Features

Online Giving

Empower members and visitors to donate right from your website. Your giving data is automatically synced with the rest of your Servant Keeper tools!

Online Directory

Help your congregation stay connected by bringing your password-protected online directory powered by Servant Keeper right into your site.


Stream your church services and events live. Finalweb makes it easy to simulcast to Facebook and YouTube, and automatically archives services to your service library.

Sermons & Podcasts

Create a searchable library of sermon audio or video files. Finalweb's integrated media player streams MP3's right on your site.

Event Calendar

Finalweb integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar. Your calendars can all be displayed in a beautiful grid or event list layout, or even as a countdown timer!

Event Registration

Provide your users with the ability to register online for your ministry's events or activities. Payment integration is also provided.

Communication Tools

Finalweb provides several secure, easy-to-use ways to fellowship with attenders, including prayer walls, blogs, and chat rooms.

Hosting & Email

Finalweb handles all of your hosting needs, from email accounts to statistical tracking to limitless built-in web tools, including a free SSL certificate to keep your site secure.

Unlimited Sub-Sites

Create a separate site with a unique domain name for each ministry within your organization at no extra cost. Sub-sites can even have their own admins and web addresses.

get started with Servant Keeper + Finalweb

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