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Printing Your Own Statements is Easy


You can print your own contribution statements whenever you want. And it’s simple to do!

Watch the video to see how easy it is to print your own statements. (Churches, be sure to link to this page on your church website so that members can always come back to this helpful video.)

Here are the steps outlined in the video.

1. Go to your online member profile.
You can do this by clicking the “Manage My Family Info” link on the bottom of our online church directory.

2. Enter your email and password.

  • Use the email you provided as your family email address.
  • If you haven’t created a password yet, click “Haven’t registered yet?”
  • Complete the screen to receive an e-mail permitting access. Respond to e-mail to create a personal password and get full access.
  • Or contact your church office to send you an invitation.

3. Once you’re logged in, click the Giving History tab at the top of the screen.

4. Click “Detail.”

5. Select the date range you want.
The default date range is year-to-date. But you can use the date range picker to change it to any date range you need.

6. Filter by account if desired.

7. Click “View and Print” statement.
The statement will display, and you can print from your browser.

That’s how simple it is!