Servant Keeper March Online Giving Release

Can you believe it’s March already? We can’t! The Engineering team at Servant Keeper has been hard at work, and the time has flown by. We’ve been doing a lot of internal work on Online Giving, from minor bug fixes to significant architecture changes that improve the overall reliability and performance of Online Giving. SK Online Giving is less than a year old, and we’re dedicated to constantly improving the reliability and overall usability for our partners.

The updates below are only a small portion of our recently completed work in our ongoing effort to provide you with the giving solution you need to run your ministry!

Online Giving Updates

The next version of Online Giving is expected to be released on March 12, 2024.


As part of our ongoing strategy to maintain the highest-possible level of security across Servant Keeper and our giving platform, we’ve implemented additional security checks for credit card transactions:
  • Address verification
  • CVV2 verification


  • Partners can now set an option in your Giver settings to allow scheduled gifts to only show the accounts listed on the Giving Card. This setting is optional, and will continue to default to showing all accounts, for those partners who are currently configured this way and wish to continue using it this way.
  • When givers complete a gift transaction, they will be presented with a summary of the gift, in addition to the current thank you message.
  • Deposit statuses should be more accurate than previously, although we are still working toward 100% reconciliation.
  • We’ve significantly improved the look of our email messages. We’ll continue to improve this in coming months, as well.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a small bug where the giver statement window was showing the “Include Fees” option vertically. There is still a know issue on mobile devices, we’re hoping to squash that soon!
  • We fixed an issue where signing up as a giver would crash when mobile # was not provided.
  • Merchant settings and Giving settings were broken but should now be working as expected.
  • We fixed a bug with the sort order of transactions in the giver’s statements
  • A bug that caused newly signed-up givers to not be able to add payment methods has been fixed.

We are committed to diligently working to improve how we support you and your ministry! If you find a bug or have an idea to help us improve your experience, or that of your givers, reach out to us!