Servant Keeper March 27, 2024 Online Giving Release

Whew! We’ve been working non-stop the last couple of weeks to make the Online Giving experience smoother for you and your givers. We’re dedicated to making sure the Servant Keeper Online Giving experience is the best solution for your ministry. Below are some of the changes and enhancements you’ll see this month.


  • Expired credit cards are usually updated by our payment processor, but in some cases cannot be.
    • The giver will now be notified when processing a transaction and the card is expired (and could not be updated).
    • The giver will be given the option to fix the expiration date.
    • This change has not yet been applied to scheduled gifts, but will be coming soon, along with messaging to the giver that their scheduled gift needs attention.
  • Saving your grid settings has been improved!
    • The entire state of the grid is saved, including filters and sorts.
      • ⚠️ Please be aware of this, because if you save the grid state with a filter active, you may be confused later when you do not see all of your data.
    • A reset option was added under the “Save grid layout” option which will set the grid to its default settings.
    • The new functionality requires us to reset your existing settings, so we apologize for that. It was a necessary step to implementing the new functionality.
    • This functionality will allow you to have more flexibility in how you default your views every time you return to the app.


  • Issues with automatic logout on some actions have been fixed.
  • Resolved a bug affecting cropping of user-uploaded images for giving cards.
  • Improved transaction statement printing for dark mode.
  • Fixed clicking blockages on checkout page and when adding new payment method.
  • In some cases, resending email verification was broken. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where certain Online Giving transactions did not show up in Servant Keeper Desktop.
  • Fixed an issue where givers were sometimes unable to resend email verification.
  • Fixed an issue where many givers were receiving a 400 error when trying to process gifts.

We are committed to diligently working to improve how we support you and your ministry! If you find a bug or have an idea to help us improve your experience, or that of your givers, reach out to us!