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For Administrators & IT Teams

Church Software for Administrators and IT Teams

Keep your ministry running smoothly and save time every day. With Servant Keeper, you’ll have all your people and information in one place.

Servant Keeper Church Software for Administrators Guide

Guide for Administrators and IT Teams

For a quick overview of Servant Keeper for Administrative and IT teams view our easy-to-follow guide!

Manage member and volunteer profiles in your church management software. Keep information all in one place.All Your Information, All Your People, All in One Place

  • Simplified information management.
  • Eliminate multiple spreadsheets and databases.
  • When information updates in one place it updates everywhere!

Servant Keeper church managment software allows you to build smart groups.Organize Your Ministry Into Smart Groups

  • Groups are “dynamic.” This means when a person’s information is updated, they are automatically added to or taken out of a group.
  • Communicate with specific groups instead of sending every message to your whole ministry.
  • Search within groups to easily find the person you’re looking for.

Church reporting helps your ministry keep track of data.Reports and Research

  • Pull, use, and share critical information about your ministry and members.
  • Servant Keeper gives you professional report templates you can edit.
  • Build your own reports.
  • Download reports from other ministries and share your own.

Use software to simplify your church events planning and attendance tracking.Events and Attendance

  • Take attendance on the go, and add new events and visitors on the fly.
  • Or keep your paper rosters and quickly print them by merging in information.
  • Offer online registration for events through Eventbrite and manage them in your Servant Keeper.

Servant Keeper church management software offers the communication tools your ministry needs.Communication

  • Send the right message to the right people.
  • Send alerts via text message, rapid email, phone calls and voicemail.
  • Set up meetings and reminders for your pastor, leaders, and other volunteers.
  • Send personalized messages with Servant Keeper Email Writer Templates.
  • With the MailChimp integration, you can manage email campaigns, track statistics like opens and clicks, and more.

Additional Capabilities Loved by Administrators

Version 8 Web Apps

Powerful Web Apps

  • Add new people, edit current information in your database, and download apps from anywhere with Servant Keeper Online Office.*
  • Offer your members a way to edit their own information, and look up their giving history.*
  • Have an up-to-date, searchable online directory.*

Take attendance on your mobile device

Greet and Attend App

In addition to all of Servant Keeper’s other attendance features, like rosters you can build in one click, there’s the Greet and Attend App.*

  • Take attendance on the go on your mobile device.
  • Add new events and new members on the fly.
  • Attendance information goes directly to your Servant Keeper database.

New Mail chimp email example@0,25x

MailChimp Integration

Servant Keeper already has built-in email templates and emailing capabilities. The MailChimp integration takes it a step further.

  • Manage MailChimp email campaigns inside Servant Keeper.
  • View email statistics like opens, and clicks.
  • Send the right message to the right people.

Offer online registration through Servant Keeper church software

Eventbrite Integration

Manage your events online. With built-in Eventbrite integration, your people can sign up for events online from anywhere. You can then track registrations, past attendance, and do follow up within Servant Keeper.

Quotes From Administrators

…After much research and cost comparison I quickly discovered that Servant Keeper was the perfect software for this church…The purchase of this software brought organization and security to this church office, and it did so at a very, very reasonable price.

Sarah HerwickAdministrator - First Congregational Church UCC

When I came to this church two years ago I had never used Servant Keeper. Without any training from anyone I was able to figure out how to use the program… It is very user friendly and easy to learn. Today I needed your customer support and the lady I spoke with was EXCELLENT! I give her 5+ stars!!!

Paulette IsaacsAdministrative Assistant - Central Christian Church

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