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    Current Software Solution

    Keep accurate sacramental records with Servant Keeper’s Sacrament Manager.

    Track sacraments, have a searchable record of your hand-written register, create certificates and more.

    Why use Sacrament Manager?

    • Pairing Servant Keeper’s membership and contribution tracking with Sacrament Manager helps you keep a more complete record of members all in one place. This will give you improved insight into members’ spiritual health, and help your ministry make better decisions to foster spiritual growth.
    • More easily, and securely share sacrament records with other ministries when people move to or from your ministry.
    • Additionally, Sacrament Manager will give you a digital back-up to your hand-written records in the event of a natural disaster or fire.
    • Protect your physical records from unnecessary handling.

    Take a Closer Look at Sacrament Tracking


    With Servant Keeper Sacrament Tracking, your church or parish will be able to track:

    • Baptism
    • First Communion
    • Confirmation
    • Reconciliation
    • Marriage
    • Holy Orders/ Ordination
    • Death/Funeral

    Entering New Sacraments

    Entering new sacraments is simple.

    You can go to your Sacrament Manager tool and search by:

    • Name
    • Group
    • Member Status

    Or you can simply go to someone’s member profile, and access the Sacrament tool from there.

    Sacramental Certificates with Your Seal

    Upload and save your parish seal to place it on Sacramental Certificates.

    Create and Save Locations

    Tracking the location of a sacrament is very important. Enter locations into your system, then save them for later, so you can easily pull in pertinent information without retyping.

    Importing and Sharing Sacrament Records

    Import and export Sacrament records to share in between churches when someone moves.

    You’ll maintain a history of the location(s) where each Sacrament was originally recorded.

    Save Time Searching Your Registry

    Record your registry volume, page, and number within a Sacrament. Then, more easily find that record in your hand-written register.

    Completely Customizable

    Every field within the sacraments can be changed to reflect what you want to track, and what you want to call it.

    Plus, use the notes field to record additional details within your sacraments.

    Are you Ready to Add a Layer of Protection and Usability to Your Sacramental Records?

    Reach out today to ask how you can get started!




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